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English: The shooting star nights of the Perseids in July and August are best enjoyed in an outdoor bed like the SkyHeia

Shooting Star Nights: Enjoy the Perseid highlight in the outdoor bed

As summer nears its peak and the nights grow lukewarm, a breathtaking spectacle opens up in the sky: the Perseids, also affectionately known as “shooting star nights”, reach their fascinating peak over the next few days and light up the night sky. Especially in the night from Saturday to Sunday, an impressive firework display of shooting stars awaits us, which will amaze sky enthusiasts and romantics alike.

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wellhotel reports on a new outdoor sleeping option - guests can spend an unusual and extraordinary overnight stay in the SkyHeia outdoor bed - ideal for hosts

Camp beds and sleeping mats have had their day (article in “wellhotel”)

"SkyHeia - field bed and sleeping pad have had their day" A new outdoor sleeping option wellhotel reports on a new outdoor sleeping option: the newly invented "bed for sleeping under the open sky". The SkyHeia is as comfortable as the bed at home and thus differs from existing outdoor sleeping options. In contrast to the “normal” bed, you can

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Bed with fresh air - The outdoor bed SkyHeia as an extraordinary overnight stay in the wellness suite of the Falkensteiner Balance Resort in Stegersbach

The growing desire to be in bed with fresh air (article in “AGHZ”)

"The growing desire for a bed with fresh air" Jochen Zimmer describes why guests are increasingly being drawn outside and how more and more houses are creating additional overnight accommodations in their outdoor areas. Click here for the article on ahgz (paid content). Alternatively, there is a photo gallery here. Here you go back to the press page.

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Two outdoor beds stand on a meadow in the sunshine.

The first real outdoor bed

What is special about the outdoor beds On April 13, 2022, the European patent application for SkyHeia was published. A utility model was announced by the German Patent and Trademark Office on February 24, 2022. So we invented a new bed. And of course we at SkyHeia are proud of this invention. ☺️

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Test sleep in the outdoor bed: Two reporters from SAT.1 tested the SkyHeia.

SAT.1 has tested the SkyHeia

Last night we had a visit from Lara Schürmann and Fabian Scholz from SAT.1 NRW. The editor and the cameraman had travelled to get a feel for themselves of what it's like to sleep in a bed under the open sky.

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