The Bed for your

Regenerate after Sports

When you've been kiteboarding all day or climbing the rock face, you need a decent rest in the evening after outdoor sports. But crawling into your tent, dog-tired, on an uncomfortable sleeping mat after a delicious barbecue is not a nice prospect.

Our suggestion from our own experience: you can set up your SkyHeia in two minutes before the barbecue – ideally, of course, with a wonderful view of the sea or the mountains – and simply drop into the cushions after the meal.

At night, when you sleep outside, you get an extra dose of oxygen that prepares you for the challenges of the next day.

Sleeping Outside as a Team

Sleeping outside with several people is a really cool team experience, not only for outdoor sports. You surely know it from the past, when you slept in a sleeping bag on the beach. In a comfortable outdoor bed it is really pleasant and makes regeneration after sports a real pleasure.

When someone brings you a coffee in the morning to wake you up, you know you've arrived in paradise.

Chilled to the Max With Oxygen

Give your body the rest it needs. The SkyHeia is your natural oxygen tent and makes you fit for the next day.

The Newsletter for Sleepyheads

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Here you can buy the SkyHeia at the introductory price of 1,785 euros including VAT. The price includes the bed with slatted frame, packed in two transport bags. A mattress is not included in the scope of delivery.

If you have any questions, please write to us and we will be happy to call you back. By the way, you can find answers to many questions in our FAQ.

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