About us

We tell something about us in the imprint: The picture shows the two inventors of the SkyHeia, Marco Barooah-Siebertz and Dr. Wolfgang Meschede. They are each holding an aluminium side rail of the SKYHEIA in their hands.
Marco and Wolfgang, the inventors of the SkyHeia (from left)

Dr. Wolfgang Meschede

Encouraging adults and children to sleep outside, this idea has existed with me for more than 30 years. During this time, I have spent many thousands of nights outdoors, especially in everyday life: in the garden of my parents' forester's house, on the balcony during my biology studies and as a scientist, and today on the terrace on the outskirts of Cologne.

I also take every opportunity to sleep under the open sky when I'm on the road, whether professionally as a science journalist and film producer or on holiday with my daughters and friends. I have been able to enjoy an unobstructed view of the stars on every continent.

In 2012, I met Marco, a like-minded person, and 5 years later, having long since become best friends, we decided to develop a special bed for sleeping under the open sky. A project of the heart to inspire as many people as possible - and especially those who don't see themselves as adventurers - with our idea.


Marco Barooah-Siebertz

In my youth, I often lay on the meadow behind the house or on the roof of my parents' carpentry workshop at night to admire the starry sky in the Eifel. Especially on clear winter nights when it was freezing cold, the view was particularly clear and impressive.

As I necessarily spend many hours in front of screens and at a desk in my professional work as a designer and entrepreneur in the digital industry, I am drawn out into nature for a digital detox. In addition, I have a renewed desire to create something tangible, as I used to do in my father's carpentry workshop.

On many creative evenings with Wolfgang around the campfire, our common interests developed into crazy ideas. One of these ideas has now turned into a tangible product with the SkyHeia.


Without the help and ideas of many people who we have been able to inspire with our idea over the last three years, SkyHeia would not yet exist.

And we would like to take this opportunity to thank them very much: Robert for the joint prototype construction, Felix for milling work, Arnold and Laura for brainstorming on outdoor sleeping events, Herrmann for static testing, Jörg for advice on inventor protection, Andi and Ulli for building the mosquito protection prototypes, Volker and Kevin for construction advice, Markus for patience, Sven for bag advice, Marcus and Michael for optimisation work and Frank for the beautiful photos!

Das Outdoor Bett SkyHeia steht auf einer Terrasse an einem Haus. Für Sommernächte die ideale Lösung.

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Zwei Outdoor Betten stehen auf einer Wiese im Sonnenschein.

Das erste echte Outdoor Bett

Das Besondere unter den Outdoor Betten Am 13. April 2022 wurde die Europäische Patentanmeldung der SkyHeia veröffentlicht. Ein Gebrauchsmuster wurde bereits am 24. Februar 2022 vom Deutschen Patent- und Markenamt bekannt gemacht. Wir haben also ein neues Bett erfunden. Und auf diese Erfindung sind wir bei SkyHeia, natürlich stolz. ☺️

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