Out of the room, into the adventure

Can you still have adventures in hotels and holiday homes?

A growing number of guests want to stay overnight in an unusual way and are looking for suitable offers. And the market for "special" places to sleep has grown in recent years: tree house, beach chair, natural chalet or sleeping barrel - guests are looking for something new, they are looking for microadventures that give them fresh thoughts and distract them from their everyday worries.

Unusual overnight stay

Mit der SkyHeia kannst du von der Normalität gelangweilten und gleichzeitig experimentierfreudigen Gästen ein ganz neues und besonderes Angebot machen. Denn our outdoor bed – macht es möglich, dass deine Gäste draußen genauso komfortabel schlafen wie drinnen. Das eröffnet dem Gastgewerbe völlig neue Möglichkeiten und Kunden ein außergewöhnliches und neues Erlebnis.

Because in the SkyHeia, your guests are bedded down on real mattresses - so they don't have to make any compromises when it comes to comfort. Gone are the days when sleeping outside meant hard nights on a sleeping mat, camp bed or air mattress!

Guests can spend an unusual and extraordinary night in the outdoor bed SkyHeia - ideal for hosts

Sleep outside, but really cosy!

In the SkyHeia, you can enjoy nights outdoors extensively and carefree. In addition, the SkyHeia protects your guests from uninvited guests such as insects or spiders - you are well protected like in a cocoon and that makes the overnight stay incredibly cosy. The endless expanse of the starry sky, the fresh night air, the sound of the night - with the SkyHeia, the night becomes an intensive experience of nature that has a beneficial effect on body, soul and spirit.

DoubleHeia and HeiaParty

A night for two - in the "ZweierHeia" (DoubleHeia) - is an experience that is hard to beat in terms of romance. With several people (you can connect as many beds as you like), the night becomes a joyful "HeiaFeier" (HeiaParty).


Der Aufbau eines Outdoor Betts kann nicht schneller sein.

The SkyHeia is robust, easy and quick to assemble and dismantle, can be stowed away to save space and is easy to transport. The effort to install this additional sleeping accommodation is minimal. This makes the SkyHeia suitable not only for an unusual overnight stay, but also as a high-quality guest bed and as an attractive product for special occasions and events to boot.

Special conditions for the hospitality and event industry

We offer attractive special conditions for the purchase of SkyHeia to hotels, restaurants and event service providers. As a commercial customer, you also have the option of renting the SkyHeia. In this way, you can try out whether your customers respond positively to an unusual overnight stay.

Sprich uns an - the offer is only valid while stocks last.

Our rental offer

A rental offers the following advantages:

  • Guests sleep comfortably and well protected under the open sky
  • No high acquisition costs
  • test without risk
  • Rental costs are charged when the SkyHeia is purchased
  • Trial period can be terminated monthly
  • Guest establishments will be listed on our website in future

Don't wait long and contact us - the offer is very limited.

A night in the SkyHeia: Fabi and Jojo loved it

"Well protected and super romantic - a great experience ❤️

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