Where to book a night at SkyHeia

Some guest establishments now offer outdoor sleeping in the SkyHeia. Here is an overview of some providers where you can book a night in an outdoor bed.
Sleeping outdoors in an outdoor hotel like here at the Bürchnerhof in the Moosalp region in Switzerland is simply wonderful! Especially in a comfortable outdoor bed like the SkyHeia!

The longing for nature is drawing more and more people out of their usual four walls in search of special overnight experiences. The growing popularity of “outdoor sleeping” shows that the need to be closely connected to the environment is now more important than ever.

The outdoor hotel concept is in tune with the times. No other accommodation option when sleeping outdoors offers a more intense closeness to nature than the SkyHeia. Here, guests not only enjoy the fresh air all night long, but also the luxury and comfort of a high-quality bed.

Below you will find a list of guest establishments that offer the incomparable experience of sleeping outside at SkyHeia:


🇨🇭 Moosalp region: Sleep in the middle of the Valais mountain backdrop

In the Moosalp region In the canton of Valais in Switzerland, guests can not only enjoy looking at the stars, but also the view of a beautiful mountain panorama. In addition to the overnight stay with breakfast, you can even book a jacuzzi here.

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Sleeping outdoors in an outdoor hotel in Switzerland – the SkyHeia outdoor bed in front of a great mountain panorama. Offered by the Bürchnerhof in the Moosalp region


🇨🇭 Kerenzerberg: Outdoor sleeping near Zurich

The Kerenzerberg sports railways in Glarnerland, not far from Zurich, offers a night in the SkyHeia on a specially designed wooden platform in the middle of a romantic flower meadow, where you are naturally woken up in the morning by the ringing of cows' bells.

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🇨🇭Hotel Serpiano: Outdoor Hotel in Ticino

The Hotel Serpiano in Ticino, wonderfully located on the edge of a mountain with UNESCO World Heritage status, offers a night in the SkyHeia with a breathtaking view over Lake Lugano.

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The Hotel Serpiano becomes an outdoor hotel and now also offers outdoor sleeping. Guests can expect an impressive view over Lake Lugano.


🇩🇪 Forest Estate: Outdoor sleeping and luxury chalets

The Forestry estate In addition to its luxury chalets in the Bavarian Forest, it now also offers outdoor sleeping in the SkyHeia. A truly unique location near the national park, offers a valuable time of retreat. An exclusive holiday with private spa.

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🇩🇪 Camping Oberprether Mühle: Stay overnight by the stream in the Eifel

At the Oberprether Mill camping site Time seems to have stood still: the stream babbles away at night, and in the morning you are woken up by the concert of the local birds. You spend the night in the middle of a lush Eifel meadow - absolutely recommended!

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