Sleep Out
Makes You Happy!

We are passionate about sleeping outside. And from our decades of personal experience, we know that sleeping outside makes you very happy. The fresh air, the sounds, the smells and the view of the sky ground us at night and put the worries of the day into perspective. Sleeping outside is healthy - for body and soul.

Sleeping under the open sky

Scientific research shows how important it is to get fresh air and spend time in nature. You get plenty of both when you sleep outside and without having to invest any extra time - because you have to sleep anyway. Outdoor living, the "Friluftsliv", is a centuries-old Scandinavian outdoor tradition that is being lived intensively again today. Sleeping outside extends this great movement into the night.

The full moon stands over the bank of the Rhine and reflects in the water. If you ever can't sleep, you better have a the SkyHeia newsletter to read.
Such a sight is best enjoyed in SkyHeia:
The full moon over the Rhine near Cologne

Outdoor night camp

Just give it a try: Take your sleeping mat, your garden lounger or simply put your bed outside on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden and spend your night in the fresh air. You will fall asleep happy and grounded and wake up happy and refreshed!

Spend the night in the forest

Sleeping outside becomes a real event when you choose unusual places for it. There are plenty of possibilities: the roof of your garage, an old castle or a clearing in the forest. You can find out where you are allowed to sleep in our FAQ. It might be even more fun if you take your friends with you to sleep outside. Not just sitting around the campfire, but falling asleep right next to it - how can you top campfire romance?

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Try cosiness

We have slept many thousands of nights in the open air. Most of them on uncomfortable sleeping pads, huddled in a hammock or cramped on a narrow camp bed. We have found that sleeping outside is much more fun when we are really cosy and comfortable - when we sleep in a proper bed with a good mattress, fresh sheets and cosy bed linen. But carrying our own bed in and out all the time, or even taking it with us on our travels, was of course too tedious for us in the long run.

With the invention of SkyHeia, we have not only solved these problems for ourselves. See for yourself.

Wolfgang & Marco
SkyHeia Creators

Interesting links

If we've whetted your appetite for sleeping outside and you'd like to find out more, here's a short list of interesting websites on the subject:

Friluftsliv in Norway

Detailed description of the Scandinavian concept for living in the great outdoors. Impressive nature pictures invite you to join in.

"The Last Luxury of Dwellings"

Everyday report of a notorious outdoor sleeper in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, who was given the free sky as a value by his parents.


A nature and adventure family dispels 5 myths about sleeping outside and gives practical instructions for sleeping outside with children.

Sleep Everywhere –
in Your Own Bed

With the SkyHeia, you can sleep in your own bed even when you're on the road. The SkyHeia is quickly assembled and disassembled and can be stored and transported in a space-saving way.

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We constantly have new stories and information about sleeping outside ready for you. We won't send you emails with trivia, we promise.

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