The Bed for Camping
and Glamping

Restful Sleep Even on Holiday

We prefer holidays with lots of fresh air. We are usually drawn to idyllically located places for camping or other places with a great nature experience. Sleeping in a tent has its disadvantages, however: even comfortable luxury sleeping pads don't offer us the comfort of our bed in the bedroom at home. Even in glamping bungalows and tents, you usually have to make concessions when it comes to the bed. Yet a good night's sleep is so important to be able to enjoy the few days of your holiday well-rested and with a straight back.

Escape from the heat in the camper

With the SkyHeia you can take your own bed everywhere. And with your SkyHeia you can also sleep outside in front of your accommodation - for example, because inside it's unbearably hot again Heat in the camper adé! And if you are looked at irritated in the morning, because you lie BEFORE your tent, caravan or bungalow in the SkyHeia, you simply answer with a well-rested happy smile. Especially for caravanners, the SkyHeia is a motorhome luxury that you should not do without!

Motorhome for snorers?

There is no mobile home for snorers, but the SkyHeia offers the perfect solution. If your partner banishes you from the caravan or mobile home because of disturbance, you do not have to sleep in the car. The SkyHeia is the dreamiest snorer exile out there. A motorhome luxury that promises you a whole new freedom, lots of fresh air and a fantastic view of the stars!

Always a Bed With You

By the way, if you have a SkyHeia in your holiday luggage, you'll be perfectly prepared when friends spontaneously visit you. Look forward to the astonished faces when you say: "No problem, you can sleep with us, we have enough space!  😎 🛌 

Full Comfort and a Straight Back

You should never do without comfort on holiday, otherwise your rest will be ruined. The SkyHeia is the bed that gives you the sleeping comfort of home even on holiday.

The Newsletter for Sleepyheads

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Here you can buy the SkyHeia at the introductory price of 1,785 euros including VAT. The price includes the bed with slatted frame, packed in two transport bags. A mattress is not included in the scope of delivery.

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