The SkyHeia experience: 2 festival visitors tested our outdoor bed

Two women sit in the outdoor bed SkyHeia amidst bedding and pillows and talk about their experience on their first night in bed for sleeping outside on the Little Camp Escape.
This is what happy outdoor sleepers look like: Jule and Veronika in the SkyHeia at Oberprether Mühle

On the Little Camp Escape Festival, two nights in the SkyHeia were raffled off. The two winners report in the video about their experience with the SkyHeia.

Two days of pure nature

Little Camp Escape is a festival in the middle of nature. It offers good music by new and interesting artists and an exciting programme for all ages. This year the event took place at the Oberprether Mühle campsite near Hellenthal, in the middle of the Eifel Star Park. The campsite is located in a small, secluded valley - little artificial light and very limited mobile phone reception - an ideal place to sleep outside.

Thorsten Czart, one of the owners of the Oberprether Mill camping sitewho had accompanied the development of our outdoor bed with his camping experience, kindly allowed us to present the SkyHeia during the festival. In order to give festival visitors a direct outdoor sleeping experience, we came up with the idea to raffle off two nights in the outdoor bed among the visitors of the Little Camp Escape.

Cloudless sky at the premiere

Jule and Veronika from Cologne-Ehrenfeld won the overnight stay. Both of them had never spent the night in an outdoor bed under the open sky before. Of course, this dress rehearsal was all the more exciting for us, especially because it was only 5 degrees Celsius cold at the Oberprether Mühle that weekend. On the other hand, the weather forecast promised a cloudless sky and thus an unclouded view of the stars, even the Milky Way. So would our two outdoor sleepers enjoy the night or would the dress rehearsal turn into a disaster?

We constantly have new stories and information about sleeping outside for you. We won't send you emails with trivia, we promise.

To prevent cold and dampness from making us freeze during sleep, we had covered the two-person Heia (the SkyHeia as a double bed) with cosy warm bedding and put on additional fleece blankets to prevent dew. We had also provided hospitality with "bedside cabinets" in the form of aluminium boxes and lanterns. Little Camp Escape had also protected the sleeping area from prying eyes with privacy screens. So nothing should stand in the way of a cosy night in the outdoor bed under the open sky.

Slept in and enthusiastic

When we woke up the next morning around 8 o'clock and cautiously peeked into the outdoor sleeping camp, we saw the heads of two sleeping people amidst the bedding. Since our winners were still asleep at an hour when it had already been daylight for three hours, we were very relieved. Because only those who are well and comfortably bedded would also sleep that long. Of course, the fact that Jule and Veronika didn't get up until around 11 a.m. really excited us and we wanted to know what the experience of their first night in the SkyHeia was like for them. That's why we went over to the two of them with two cups of fresh coffee and simply asked them.

Experience of two first-time sleepers

In the video, Jule and Veronika enthusiastically report on their first night in the outdoor bed. The SkyHeia was very comfortable, they found the starry sky and sunrise impressive. They especially liked the fresh air and the nocturnal sounds. Cold, on the other hand, was no problem at all, it was comfortably warm. But see for yourself: 

"Anytime again!"

We were particularly pleased that they would stay at SkyHeia again at any time. Such great feedback naturally confirms what we are doing and also shows what an intense and beautiful nature experience sleeping outside is. Especially, of course, when you do it in a Outdoor Bed that is as comfortable as the bed at home.

If you would like to share your experiences with the SkyHeia with us, please write to us. We also welcome interest from campsites, hotels, holiday homes or other hosts, with whom we would be happy to come up with activities like the one at the Oberprether Mühle to offer their guests an extraordinary overnight experience.

Here are a few more impressions of the Little Camp Escape

The stage of the Little Camp Escape music and camping festival with festival-goers dancing in front of the stage. It is dark, the stage is colourfully lit.
First celebrate at the music festival to the music of Moglii...
The SkyHeia outdoor bed prepared for sleeping outside at night in the dark and cosily arranged with a bedside table and lantern.
... and then settle into the cosy DoubleHeia and enjoy the fresh air and the stars.
Children examine the SkyHeia outdoor bed, which still sleeps two people who slept outside during the night.
"Look, there are some sleeping!" Even children on their morning discovery tour do not wake up the sleeping ones.

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