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Your bed guests sleep outside

Admittedly, your visitors will certainly be wide-eyed when you tell them in passing that they will be sleeping outside in the garden tonight. If they've already heard about the SkyHeia , they'll be delighted. If not, they'll probably think it's a crazy joke.

A Decent Guest Bed

However, the SkyHeia does not necessarily have to go out into the fresh air. In our view, it is also suitable as an ideal indoor guest bed. Many guest beds leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality: they are rickety, have far too soft springs and are not aesthetically pleasing.

With the SkyHeia you make bed guests out of friends and can offer them a high-quality bed that you can quickly conjure up out of the storage room and set up in 2 minutes. They can then decide for themselves whether your indoor sleeper friends want to embark on the adventure of sleeping outside!

Quick Bed for Guests

If you have visitors at short notice, that's no problem for you. With the SkyHeia, you can conjure up a fully-fledged bed in just a few minutes - and your guests can even decide whether they prefer to sleep outside or inside.

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