Out of the ordinary,
into the bed.

In this completely new outdoor bed every night becomes an experience. Sleeping outside makes you forget your everyday worries and turns every night into a vacation.

The dog Laika lies comfortably next to the outdoor bed SkyHeia. The special thing about the bed is: it is cozy like a real bed. The fitted sheet is gray, the pillow is Bordeaux red.

Super gemütlich

Goodbye camp bed, goodbye camping mat. Sleeping outside will finally be comfortable.

Outdoor bed SkyHeia stands as a double bed (called ZweierHeia) on a meadow. A mosquito net protects the users of the outdoor bed. Cozy looks the bed with its bedding.

Perfectly protected

The right accessories will protect you from insects and precipitation.

Outdoor bed SkyHeia is as cozy as a real bed and packs compactly into two bags.

Easy to carry

Take the SkyHeia to the most beautiful places in the world and enjoy your vacation nights in your own bed.

skyheia features 4

Quickly assembled

The unique connection system enables assembly in just two minutes.

skyheia philo 2
Sleep yourself happy

Sleeping outdoors helps you to relieve your everyday stress. You can breathe deeply all night and replenish your energy stores. The fresh air, the view of the sky and the nocturnal sounds are like meditation.

What our customers say

"I travelled with the SkyHeia to the Lofoten Islands in Norway. In the midst of mountain streams and rugged landscape, quickly setting up my own bed and then sleeping comfortably was dreamlike - hygge in the wilderness! My SkyHeia will now accompany me to all continents 😊"
„Just one word: AMAZING! Thanks to the whole SkyHeia Team“
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Bernie S. (39)
"Before the first night in the SkyHeia, I was a bit sceptical - now I am probably the biggest fan of the outdoor bed. Super comfortable to set up and take down, very solidly made, and really chillingly comfortable. Sleeping outside and the SkyHeia have simply been part of my life since summer 2021...".
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Heinrich A. (43)
Manager, Cologne

Quick, a bed!

A real bed that can be set up in two minutes - that's unparalleled. Wolfgang demonstrates how quickly you can get the SkyHeia ready for bed.

For You

… there are many ways to use the SkyHeia:

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