Top 10 tricks for sleeping in the heat

We give you tips on how to make sleeping in the heat more bearable. However, sleeping under the open sky is cooler. With the SkyHeia, this is particularly comfortable.
Sleep in the heat, two beds on the banks of the Rhine

The next summer heat is approaching. And in the past few years you have certainly remembered some unbearably hot summer nights. We give you a few tips for sleeping in the heat.

1. lukewarm shower

If our body cannot cool down by 0.5 to 1 degree at night due to great heat, we find it unpleasant. Professor Thomas Penzel from the Berlin Charit├ę recommends taking a lukewarm shower before going to bed to cool the body down.

2. No late sports

In times of high heat, sporting activity is more pleasant in the evening because of the cooling effect. But it stimulates the circulation, the body temperature rises and you are awake and alert for a long time afterwards. It is better to do sport in the morning.

3. Sleeping outside

Especially during longer periods of heat, the walls of the house store the heat and even ventilating does not bring efficient cooling. Outside, it cools down much faster and it is at least somewhat bearable. So take your bed outside into the garden, onto the terrace or onto the balcony and treat yourself to a night under the open sky, where you can recharge your batteries with the freshness and relaxation you need for the next day. Of course, it's especially easy with the SkyHeia ­čśë .

4. Cool pyjamas and bed linen

With good cooling, our circulatory system gets into rest mode faster. If you have enough space, you can simply put your bed linen, or at least your pyjamas, in the fridge or freezer. This only helps for a short time, but it might be enough to fall asleep.

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5. Food and drink

Many tips better sleep in the heat, of course, point in the direction of nutrition. Eating something in the evening that is heavy in the stomach makes our digestion active and creates unnecessary heat. Alcohol also interferes with sleeping through the night. But who wants to give up these pleasures on a balmy summer evening?

6. Air in the morning and in the evening

During the times when it cools down at least a little outside, you should open the windows and ventilate well. While the heat is raging during the day, keep windows and doors closed so that the hot air stays outside.

7. Hot water bottle as a cooling bottle

Cooled with cold water, the "cooling bottle" gives us some relief from the heat. It is best not to apply it directly to the stomach or neck, as this could lead to tension.

8. Cold foot bath

A foot bath with cold water refreshes and relaxes. Blood flows into the legs and has a relaxing effect on the circulation.

9. The right bed linen

Materials that are very permeable to air have a cooling effect: linen, cotton or silk are the fabrics of choice here. Linen also has the property that it absorbs moisture well, but dries again quickly.

10. Hang up wet sheets

When the hung sheet dries, heat is extracted from the air in the room. This keeps the bedroom a little cooler for a few hours.

More tips to make sleep more bearable in the heat

Here are some more tips on the sleep at heat by sleep physician and psychotherapist Dr. Samia Little Elk. The TK has also some tips.

But sleeping outside is, in our view, one of the most efficient ways out of sleeping in the heat. It cools down much faster outside at night than inside a house or a camper or caravan. Not only are you cooling your body down, you're filling it with plenty of fresh air at the same time. With that extra oxygen in your blood, you'll have more energy for the next day.

The experience of nature reduces your stress. The view of the starry night sky and the nocturnal sounds contribute to the relaxation of body, soul and spirit.

Our new high quality Outdoor Bed gives you the opportunity to really enjoy sleeping outside. In contrast to temporary beds such as sleeping mats or camp beds, you sleep comfortably in the SkyHeia just like in your bedroom bed. So you can escape the heat without giving up your usual comfort.

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