Rain to sleep: how the sound of nature relaxes us

Rain to sleep, how soothing! The SkyHeia stands on a terrace with a prototype for rain protection.

Rain to sleep relaxes: Who doesn't know it, the nice feeling when you lie well protected in bed at home and the rain pelts against the window? Who doesn't love the feeling of security that flows through you when you're lying in a dry tent on a camping vacation and it drizzles at night?

The intense experience of nature makes us happy. However, of course, we don't want to get wet or freeze right away - we would prefer to experience the elements without feeling their disadvantages.

Rain to sleep

The sounds of nature take on a special role here, as Orfeu Buxton, Professor of Biological Behavior and Health at Penn State University, found out. Slow and hissing sounds signal to our brain that there is no danger and therefore have a calming effect. Buxton reported on this in the U.S. scientific journal Live ScienceThe type of sound determines whether or not you wake up, with volume playing a role because sound information is processed differently by our brains, Buxton said.

In the process, he said, our brain can even mask sounds that the brain would interpret as a threat. For example, a roommate's flushing toilet can be masked by the sound of a summer rain or that of a babbling brook, thus masking the acoustic "insult," Buxton said.

This explains why rain is good for us to sleep, why the gentle sounds of nature lull us to sleep. Whether it's the rumble of a thunderstorm in the distance, the rustle of the wind in the trees, or the soft splash of a summer rain.

Sleeping outdoors with the elements

Sleeping under the open sky, you can perceive the soothing sounds of nature at close range and very intensively. From long experience we know that the enjoyment of nature is all the greater when you are comfortably and safely bedded, for example in the SkyHeia the first outdoor bed, which in terms of comfort is in no way inferior to the bed in your own bedroom.

In order to be able to enjoy the outdoors while sleeping in rain and snow, we have been working on a roof over the last few months that protects against moisture from above. Our goal: We want SkyHeia customers to be able to spend their nights under the open sky all year round. And this goal has now been achieved. The production sample is ready. Yihaaa!

A look into the workshop

Two months ago our exchange protection was already finished: a curved, transparent and flexible roof, which can be easily attached to the arch frame with clips and which at the same time holds the mosquito net. Unfortunately, since the rain rarely falls vertically from above, Plümo, mattress, pillow and face naturally get wet at the slightest breeze. So we also needed roof overhangs of just that transparent material, which are held by additional tent poles. The overhangs stand almost horizontally to the side, so that the fresh air can flow unhindered around the nose. After all, we don't want to build a tent 🙂.

The rain cover can be connected with the exchange protection quite simply by zipper. One side of the zipper we had therefore already attached to the exchange protection. By the way, the zippers can also connect the exchange protection of second beds together waterproof and attach the rain roofs on the left and right. A dream: a ZweierHeia with rain cover!

We are already looking forward to warm summer nights with lots of mosquitoes and rain to sleep. All this can no longer harm SkyHeia owners, because the insect protection, dew cover and rain cover can be attached to the bow frame at the same time - whether on the single bed or on the twoHeia.

By the way, we got help from the mother of a good friend. Hannah is the goddess at the sewing machine and without her there would not be the rain guard pattern.

I've been sleeping under our new roof for 2 weeks now and enjoy the nights with my youngest daughter when nature is alive around us and we lie safely in the twoHeia and enjoy quietly. There is no better way to sleep.

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