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An exceptional overnight stay at the Falkensteiner

Hotel guests are looking for nature experiences and new forms of accommodation. How about a five-star night in the open air?
The outdoor bed for hotels, holiday homes, campsites and other hosts who want to offer their guests an exceptional overnight stay. Here on the roof terrace of the Falkensteiner Hotel.

The Falkensteiner Balance Resort in Stegersbach, Austria, is the first hotel in Austria to offer its guests the SkyHeia as an exceptional overnight stay. Why should guests of a renowned 5-star hotel prefer to sleep outside even though the hotel room offers comfort at the highest level?

The location

The Falkensteiner is located in the middle of the cultural landscape of southern Burgenland, which is also often referred to as the "Austrian Tuscany". The area near the Hungarian border is characterised by rolling green hills, a mild climate and vineyards. The hotel focuses on the themes of health, balance and nature. A lush park including an impressive permaculture garden underline the climate-friendly and sustainable philosophy of the resort. Translated with (free version)

If you want to spend a night under the stars, however, you need one thing above all: stars. In the immediate vicinity of cities, the starry night sky is heavily dimmed by a high emission of artificial light. Stegersbach, however, is more than 50 kilometres as the crow flies from the nearest major city, Graz. And so the sky above the Falkensteiner offers its guests a magnificent view of a crystal-clear starry sky. The hotel is virtually made for an exceptional overnight stay under the open sky. Translated with (free version)

Bedroom with hedge walls

Der Hotelgarten bietet geschützte Orte, die von Hecken eingefasst sind. Diese Orte sind wirklich einzigartig und gleichzeitig wie gemacht für eine Nacht in der SkyHeia – ein Schlafzimmer im Freien, die Wände aus Hecken gewachsen, kleine Lichter sorgen für eine romantische Stimmung, freier Blick in den Nachthimmel. Auch für die Privatsphäre ist gesorgt: Die Hecken sind so hoch, dass kein anderer Hotelgast das Schlafgemach einsehen kann, die Eingänge sind blickdicht mit Stoffvorhängen verdeckt.

If you add the champagne breakfast, it really is a romantic and comfortable outdoor experience that is hard to beat; an exceptional overnight stay and a real micro-adventure to boot.

Sleeping outside, suite included

Those who prefer something a little less adventurous do not necessarily have to make their way from their room through the garden to experience this extraordinary overnight stay. Because you can also book the night under the stars as an add-onn to a suite. The SkyHeia is located on the associated roof terrace and is only separated from the comfortable hotel room including whirlpool by a door; the indoor and outdoor beds are only a few metres apart. So you can try sleeping outside without any worries. Translated with (free version)

Offer packages

The Falkensteiner's offer for overnight accommodation under the open sky is three-tiered: as standard, the SkyHeia can be booked as a double bed (a two-person SkyHeia including insect protection). The "Declaration of Love" package adds a few sweet bedtime treats to the cosy bed. The "outdoor champagne breakfast" package rounds off the night with a romantic picnic the next morning.

5-star overnight stay under the stars

Draußen Schlafen inmitten der Natur mit vollem Komfort ist etwas völlig Neues. Bisher bedeutete Übernachten unter freiem Himmel vor allem Kompromisse im Hinblick auf die Gemütlichkeit. Kalte Nächte auf der Isomatte, zu wenig Platz im Feldbett oder Rückenschmerzen auf der Luftmatratze. Mit der SkyHeia wird das Draußen Schlafen zum einzigartigen Naturerlebnis: die Unendlichkeit des Sternenhimmels relativiert so manche Alltagssorgen, das nächtliche Rauschen des Windes entspannt den Geist und die frische, unverbrauchte Nachtluft füllt Körper und Geist mit Energie.

Experiencing all this together with your partner in a two-person Heia makes sleeping outside a very special romantic experience - with or without a champagne breakfast in the morning.

The exceptional overnight stay attracts new customers

Um neue Kunden zu gewinnen, setzen immer mehr Gastgeber auf die Kategorie der „außergewöhnlichen” beziehungsweise „ungewöhnlichen” Übernachtungsangebote. Insbesondere experimentierfreudige und naturinteressierte Kunden fühlen sich durch solche Angebote angesprochen. Aber auch sportbegeisterte Menschen lassen sich von neuen Übernachtungsideen mit Naturbezug und Erlebnischarakter begeistern.

Die SkyHeia ist das ideale Bett für diese neue Form des Draußen Schlafens. Mit diesem Outdoor Bett wird Draußen Schlafen zu einem komfortablen Mikroabenteuer und Naturerlebnis offering hosts a unique and novel offering for their guests.

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