The nature experience for guests

Unusual overnight stays: the new trend

The range of "special" places to sleep has grown considerably in recent years. Whether tree house, beach chair, natural chalet, sleeping barrel or sewage pipe - guests want to spend the night in an unusual way, they are looking for something special.

With the SkyHeia, you can finally make an attractive offer to guests who are looking for proximity to nature or other unusual overnight accommodation. If you have outdoor space such as a garden or a terrace, you can even offer additional sleeping places in this way.

Our rental offer for hosts

As a host business, you can rent the SkyHeia and in this way first test whether your guests find the unusual overnight stay under the starry sky as fascinating as we do.

After many discussions with accommodation professionals, we are convinced that an outdoor sleeping space is an attractive additional offer for guests of campsites, hotels, holiday flats or private Airbnb providers.

Your advantages

  • Your guests sleep comfortably and well protected under the open sky
  • You do not have high acquisition costs
  • You can test the SkyHeia without risk
  • the rental costs are offset when the SkyHeia is purchased
  • the trial period can be terminated monthly
  • Your host business will be linked to our website free of charge

For hygienic reasons, we cannot rent out a mattress. If you do not have a mattress in the size 90 x 200 cm, you can buy one of the models in our online shop. But you can also use any other model.

If you are interested in the rental offer, just send us an email to .

Hier ein Beispiel aus Österreich – so setzt das Falkensteiner Balance Resort in Stegersbach die SkyHeia ein:

Practical Also as a Guest Bed

The SkyHeia is robust, easy to assemble and dismantle and can be stowed away to save space. The effort to install this additional sleeping accommodation is very low. This makes the SkyHeia not only suitable for an unusual overnight stay, you can also simply use it as a guest bed. We have already slept in some rickety extra beds, which often did not do justice to the other furnishings of the guest house. With the SkyHeia, you have a high-quality bed ready for your guests. Translated with (free version)

The HeiaFeier: Sleeping as an event

With the SkyHeia, you can also organise outdoor sleeping events. Spending the night together in a group is also an unforgettable experience and strengthens team cohesion. Event agencies that are always looking for something new can score points with their clients with the SkyHeia, just like tour operators who arrange the SkyHeia for trips to places for special overnight stays. Exceptional overnight stays are also very popular here. Translated with (free version)

Clubs and organisations that have attractive outdoor areas and sleeping places under the open sky can also offer their members an extraordinary attraction with outdoor sleeping. For us personally, it would be a dream come true to spend the night together with the team in the football stadium of our favourite club.

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