The Bed
for Fishermen

Make Yourself Comfortable with the Fish

Make yourself comfortable with the fishAs an angler, you often have to wait a long time before you catch a fish. Why squeeze yourself into an uncomfortable folding chair when you can be more comfortable?

In the SkyHeia you can lie down comfortably and read a book. This way you can show the fish who has more patience.

A Night at the Lake

If you've already found a cosy spot by the lake, why not spend the night there? Enjoy the peace and quiet, the fresh air and the magical atmosphere at dawn. The birds will wake you up in the morning and give you a sign when it's time to put your fishing rod back in the water.

The insect screen for the SkyHeia protects you from mosquitoes and other biting animals. And soon there will also be a dew and rain cover to keep you dry if it should rain at night.

A Night with the Fishes

An overnight stay at the lake saves you getting up early and setting off. You'll be there long before the other anglers set off. And when the fish wake up, you serve them the right breakfast on the hook.

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