The best bed to sleep in
on your balcony or in your garden

Sleeping Outside at Home: Simple and Cosy

We spend most of our nights outdoors in the garden at home, on the terrace or on the balcony - ideal places to sleep outside even in everyday life, because during the week there is rarely time to travel to special sleeping places.

A garden, patio or balcony bed like the SkyHeia makes your pleasure very easy. You can store it in a space-saving way, set it up in minutes and simply leave it outside. Your home gives you a bit of security in the background: you can use the toilet at any time, make yourself something to eat or quickly get something to drink from the fridge.

Relief in the Heat

No matter whether you use the SkyHeia as a garden, patio or balcony bed: In the height of summer, when the temperature in your house or flat exceeds 30 degrees, a night outdoors brings you pleasant cooling and fresh air.

But even in the depths of winter, you can relax and sleep outside. If you insulate your mattress at the bottom against the cold, for example with a metal foil, and your duvet is really thick, you won't feel the cold.

With a night cap, you can easily stay outside even in sub-zero temperatures. And to be honest, the cold nights are the best: the air is pure and the view of the stars is wonderful, even in the city.

The Best Place to Sleep is at Home

At home, the SkyHeia is the Swiss army knife for sleeping. Set it up for guests, get fresh air without wasting time or place it on the balcony to chill out during the day. Or turn it into a couple's experience!
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