The Bed for Camping
and Glamping

Restful Sleep Even on Holiday

We prefer holidays with lots of fresh air. We are usually drawn to idyllically located places for camping or other places with a great nature experience. Sleeping in a tent has its disadvantages, however: even comfortable luxury sleeping pads don't offer us the comfort of our bed in the bedroom at home. Even in glamping bungalows and tents, you usually have to make concessions when it comes to the bed. Yet a good night's sleep is so important to be able to enjoy the few days of your holiday well-rested and with a straight back.

Wohnmobil Luxus: Dein eigenes Bett reist mit

Mit der SkyHeia kannst Du Dein eigenes Bett überall hin mitnehmen. Und mit Deiner SkyHeia kannst Du auch draußen vor Deiner Unterkunft schlafen – zum Beispiel, weil es drinnen mal wieder unerträglich heiß ist. Und wenn Du morgens irritiert angeschaut wirst, weil Du VOR Deinem Zelt, Wohnwagen oder Bungalow in der SkyHeia liegst, antwortest Du einfach mit einem ausgeschlafenen glücklichen Lächeln. Gerade für Caravaner ist die SkyHeia ein Wohnmobil Luxus, auf den man nicht verzichten sollte!

Exile for Snorers

By the way, the SkyHeia is also perfect for snorers. If your partner bans you from the caravan or mobile home for disturbing the peace, you don't have to sleep in the car. The SkyHeia is the dreamiest exile for snorers there is. A camper van furniture that promises you a whole new freedom, lots of fresh air and a fantastic view of the stars!

Always a Bed With You

By the way, if you have a SkyHeia in your holiday luggage, you'll be perfectly prepared when friends spontaneously visit you. Look forward to the astonished faces when you say: "No problem, you can sleep with us, we have enough space!  😎 🛌 

Full Comfort and a Straight Back

You should never do without comfort on holiday, otherwise your rest will be ruined. The SkyHeia is the bed that gives you the sleeping comfort of home even on holiday.

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