The Bed for Adventures

If you want to spice up your everyday life with a bit of adventure, grab the SkyHeia and visit unusual places with your bed. Sleeping outside on the balcony or in the garden may be exciting enough for you at first, but once you get a taste for it, you'll want more.

We have slept outside in many places: in the deep forest, in the moor, on a cow meadow, in a football stadium or in an old castle. If the challenge is too big for you alone, just take your friends with you. Sleeping outside together is an intense experience. It is guaranteed to be unforgettable if you choose unusual places for it.

The SkyHeia offers you everything you need. You can take the outdoor bed anywhere and set it up in a flash. This makes you super flexible and you can set up a comfortable sleeping camp in no time at all.

Comfortable Adventure

You can enjoy the place you have chosen for your adventure particularly intensively with the SkyHeia. Not even a tent cover separates you from your surroundings, so you can feel the environment, nature and the place very closely. Above all, you lie comfortably like in bed at home and don't have to worry about a cold back or uncomfortable pads. If you install the mosquito protection on the SkyHeia as an accessory, you feel safe and protected like in a cocoon.

Adventures in Sleep

Set out for a change and experience something new.

The Newsletter for Sleepyheads

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SkyHeia is sponsored by WIPANO. Sleeping outside is innovative!